Survey reveals the most popular destinations for Malaysian travellers to spend New Year’s Eve.

KUALA Lumpur is the 12th most favoured destination for Asia-Pacific travellers to welcome in the new year. This was revealed by a TripAdvisor study that looks at which destinations travellers would spend the period from Dec 27 to Jan 4, 2015.

What of Malaysian travellers preferred spots for this period? This New Year’s Eve, Malaysian travellers are favouring regional destinations over international destinations with Taipei taking the top spot. Unfortunately a night in a hotel in the capital city of Taiwan costs an average of RM674.69. Taipei – 47% higher than usual.

Hong Kong (#2) and Bangkok (#5) are the next two regional destinations favoured by Malaysians for the year-end break. Hotel prices in Bangkok will cost 18% more than usual at RM261.80, but any traveller planning a trip to Hong Kong should be prepared for a much steeper seasonal hike in prices, with the average hotel stay at RM1,839.12 per night, 194% more expensive than the average rate throughout the rest of 2014.

Singapore (#6) and Boracay, Philippines (#7) are the other regional destinations with 4% and 37% increase in hotel rates expected.

Rounding of the top 10 are Paris (#8), Sydney (#9) and London (#10) with increases of 5%, 50% and 5% respectively.

For those looking to stay within Malaysia during this festive period, Langkawi (#3) and Kuala Lumpur (#4) prove to be popular destinations amongst Malaysian travellers. Visitors to Kuala Lumpur can expect just a marginal increase in hotel prices 2% increase to an average of RM255.42, while a night’s stay in Langkawi will cost Malaysian travellers 73% more than usual, with an average hotel price of RM783.03.

Asia-Pacific travellers favoured Sydney above all other destinations. Next-up was Singapore and Seminyak in Bali (Bali coincidentally had Kuta at #9 and Nusa Dua at #13).

Hong Kong, Taipei, New York City, Paris, Bangkok and Melbourne rounded up the top 10. Interestingly Melbourne was the only city in the top 15 that did not show any increase in prices.