Have you ever felt suddenly charged with more energy when you entered a particular place?

That’s how I felt when I stepped into the Aloft Perth Hotel in Australia. There is a positive, lively vibe there that makes you feel life can be exciting and worth living with so many possibilities ahead. The cause of this? It could be the sassy, modern style of the space or perhaps the warm, welcoming reception area where you are greeted by friendly staff. Or maybe, it is simply the attractive colours on the walls and vibrant art pieces which are not the traditional type you see in most hotels.

The eclectic modern decor in the communal spaces are also inviting without being stuffy or too formal. There’s a nice buzz that makes you feel you want to hang around.

Aloft Perth.

The exterior of Aloft Perth Hotel.

Only about 15 minutes drive from the airport, Aloft Perth marks the exciting debut of Marriott International’s Different-By-Design brand in Australia. The aim is to provide for global travellers who love open spaces, open thinking and open expression.

Aloft Perth.

The sassy, modern and attractive lobby of Aloft Perth Hotel.

WiFi access? Easy, fast and free. Well, we wouldn’t have expected less from a modern, happening hotel like this which is helping to invigorate the social scene in Western Australia.

Interactivity is encouraged among guests in the lively social spaces here. Head to the WXYZ bar where you will be treated to live music ranging from acoustic sets by local artists to DJ mixes. What are a must-try are the specialty craft cocktails. When we had trouble deciding what we wanted, the attentive bartenders were quick to give suggestions. The charming Nicholas Dossena who served our drinks including the hotel’s signature drink, Aloft Dusk, told us how they concocted each drink with enthusiasm and passion.

Aloft Perth.

The WXYZ bar at Aloft Perth Hotel that is abuzz with people and good vibes in the evenings

The cocktails were indeed unique and a treat – refreshing and with a burst of different flavours that gave a fuzzy, delightful feel. Talented and friendly, not to mention good-looking, all the happening staff at the bar certainly made the visit an experience to remember.

After enjoying drinks at the WXYZ bar, dinner at Springs Kitchen restaurant is a must. The meal was truly satisfying; it could meet the expectations of any food connoisseur. From the starters to the dessert, everything was mouth-watering. Local and fresh produce were used, making every serving a treat for the palate. The Tasmanian Salmon with tomato, eggplant, chickpea salad and herb yoghurt is a must-mention.

We found out that four-legged friends are also welcome at Springs Kitchen. Its pet-friendly terrace provides water bowls and special treats for furry friends

Neighbourhood residents and travellers with pets are encouraged to drop by for a coffee, snack or meal, day or night.

Breakfast can be had at Re:Fuel, which is Aloft’s signature 24/7 grab-and-go market. It provides light meals, mix-and-match munchies, healthy bites, beverages and more. Great for those on the go.

Aloft Perth is located at a strategic place close enough to the main city area and I feel the room rates are really reasonable for such a great stay in a new, clean and vibrant hotel.

Aloft Perth’s rooms come with a view that will remain in your mind forever, especially if your window has a clear view of the Swan River meandering in total calmness. Look down and see how the sun shines brightly onto the river’s waters and oftentimes the water is so clear and still that you see the sky, clouds and trees reflected in all their glory like a perfect mirrored picture.

There are different types of rooms for different budgets, and they are all spacious and inviting. Each of the 224 guest rooms have ultra-comfortable plush beds and 55-inch televisions linked to a Plug & Play connectivity panel. If you want to indulge yourself, then the luxurious Savvy Suite where we stayed is the obvious choice. Modern, spacious, well-designed, with big mirrors and a bathroom you will love, plus contemporary comfortable sofas to just relax on while having a conversation or reading a book … every nook and corner seems to be well thought out. You will feel like spending your whole day just enjoying the room, but then outside, Perth and its surroundings await exploration.

Aloft Perth.

The Bell Tower is a tourist attraction in Perth. Photo: The Star/Sunita Chhabra

If you want to save on taxi fares, just a short walk away from the hotel, you could easily take the bus and head to Kings Park or the Central Business District. The park is beautiful and lush, and one should spend at least half a day there to enjoy the views of the ocean and city while learning about the botanical wonders of Australia. The sheer size and magnificence of some of the trees make you think of giant forests and magical creatures, the kind you see in movies.

There are lovely flowers aplenty too and different kinds of birds flying around making interesting sounds. Imagine our delight when a flock of pretty parrots with pink plumage happily landed near our feet to peck at the ground for food, seemingly without any fear of humans.

Walking around Perth downtown is also a rewarding experience. If you feel tired or want a ride, you can always hop on the free CAT (Central Area Transit) buses. Get a hold of the map with their routes and you will find that they take you to a lot of places conveniently. For instance, if you want to go to Heirisson Island located in the Swan River, where there are wild kangaroos, you can take a CAT bus and walk a short distance to this amazing island so near the city centre. You can see carpets of wildflowers if it’s the right season, and meet Australia’s most famous marsupials if you are patient enough to look for them. The kangaroos look totally nonchalant about tourists.

While discovering the natural wonders of the island, keep an eye on the surrounding waters too. We were ecstatic when we suddenly saw dolphins happily frolicking around, as the sun was out.

All these and more are things you can do in Perth. You can even go whale-watching if it’s the right season. Going to Fremantle for a day-trip is a good idea. Or, if you prefer, head to Rottnest Island for a close encounter with the cute marsupials called quokkas. Visiting the Swan Valley vineyards is also a well-loved activity.

Aloft Perth Hotel

27, Rowe Avenue, The Springs,

Perth, WA 6103, Australia

Tel: +61 8 6147 2468

Email: sales.perth@alofthotels.com

Website: www.aloftperth.com