An hour’s drive up to Resorts World Genting brought me to the mountaintop playground’s new boutique hotel.

hotel on the park.

Hotel On The Park is Resort World Gentings new boutique hotel that opened in July, this year. Photo: Resorts World Genting

Quirky, fun and simple, are just some of the words to describe Hotel On The Park, a refurbished version of the resort’s oldest hotel, Theme Park Hotel. Lively music greets guests outside the hotel, inviting them to step into its 743 sq m lobby, inspired by Alice In Wonderland.

hotel on the park.

Large colourful pebbles above the hotel entrance. The same colours are used in the guest rooms to symbolise family, fun and friendliness. Photo: The Star/Low Lay Phon

As you enter, you just cannot miss the giant pink bench! You have two options: climb up and take a seat as your family or friends check in or climb up anyway and take Instagram-worthy pictures.

Right in front of the bench is a pillar of giant stacked tea cups that reach the ceiling, giving you yet another fun photo opportunity. Let’s put it this way – the lobby isn’t the only place where you’ll whip out your phone for a snap.

On your drive up, you will pass an advertisement that shouts that the hotel, which opened in July, is perfect for those who like to “keep it together” – and they don’t mean mentally, but physically. Each of the 448 rooms available are designed to fit from four to 12 people, perfect for families or a big group of friends who want a good night’s stay without having to splurge.

There are four types of rooms: Quad, Sixers, King’s and Honeymoon suites.

The 24 sq m Quad Room features a built-in, tatami-style raised platform that holds two queen-sized beds that can accommodate four guests. It’s priced from RM270.

The Sixers, at 27 sq m, is similar to the Quad Room but has an additional bunk bed above the tatami platform, with another queen-sized mattress, so it can sleep six guests. It’s priced from RM310. The sleeping platforms have compartments that can be used to store luggage, while safety vaults are built into the drawer space.

There are two King’s Rooms that come with a king-sized bed and a single adjustable bed for a disabled guest. Priced from RM190. Room prices fluctuate according to the occupancy rate.

There are also four Honeymoon suites, located in the valley wing which overlooks Genting Valley – a stunning view of nature. The suites – designed around the four fun relationship stages of romance-­courtship, proposal, wedding and honeymoon – are all executed as stand-alone units, unique in decor, feel and furnishing.

All rooms come with free WiFi.

You can find splashes of the hotel’s theme colours – red, turquoise, yellow and dark blue – on cups, trays, tiny bolsters, and stools, among other things, symbolising “family, fun and friendliness”. The same colours can be found at the hotel’s entrance.

The corridors leading to the guest rooms are lit by purple lights, creating a sort of groovy feel, before you enter a cartoonish-like room. To locate your room, simply follow the “handwritten” directional signs; you will see your room number at the foot of the door. The space on the floor, where the number is drawn, creates the illusion that the room door is left slightly open.

The hotel’s concept runs along the line of “all you see is not all you get”. From just looking at the rooms, you know that the hotel best fits families with little children, or young adults. The decor is cute and quirky, using hand-drawn cartoons and stickers outlining furniture that could not fit into the room, like a closet, an armchair and photo frames. In place of fancy curtain drapes are black blinds that, when pulled down, reveal cartoon sketches (and these are different in every room).

Clothes can be hung on knobs or hangers within the outline of a closet on the wall. The television set too is hung on brackets, with artwork around it to make it look like it is enclosed in a TV cabinet. The design and artwork gave me the impression that I was living in a Peanuts comic strip. However, one thing that bugged me was the outline of a hanger on the floor that tricked me into thinking I have to pick it up.

hotel on the park.

Like something out of a comic strip, the room design is cute and quirky, with hand-drawn cartoons and stickers in the shape of furniture. Photo: The Star/Low Lay Phon

Don’t worry about going hungry at night, as there are vending machines along the corridors. Also, across the street from the hotel are a convenience store and a cafe.

Hotel On The Park is a basic hotel with a grab-and-go food outlet, aptly named Eatopia, located in the lobby. It offers baked items, healthy breakfast in a mug, heat-and-go wraps, pasta, sushi, Malaysian staples like nasi lemak, and beverages. There are seats for those who want to dine in, and the seating area faces a garden with a fountain that lights up at night.

The hotel is also a few minutes’ walk from the walkway leading to other attractions, like SkyAvenue and Genting Grand, where you will find plenty of shopping opportunities and various restaurants. Try the Lamb Kut Teh or Golden Crispy Fried Prawns dressed with Fruits and Tossed with Wasabi at Ming Ren Restaurant in Genting Grand, or a bubbling steamboat at Resorts Seafood in Resort Hotel. You will find a variety of local favourites at Malaysian Food Street in Sky­Avenue, and a buffet of different cuisines at Coffee Terrace in Genting Grand.

If you’re not a foodie or don’t enjoy the casino, you might want to take the Awana Skyway to the Genting Highlands Premium Outlets which sell branded goods at discounted prices.

Now, we just have to be patient for the theme park to open and make it a perfect getaway.

Hotel On The Park

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