It took 2.1 million Lego bricks to build the recently opened Legoland Castle Hotel in England, where guests can now drift off to sleep dreaming of pixelated wizards, knights and dragons.

Built by hand by a team of skilled Lego Model Makers from around the world, the hotel features 657 Lego models and 61 guest rooms, inhabited by fairytale characters like a talking throne, a chatty Lego wizard, a snoring dragon and elevators powered by magic.

Located on the edge of the sprawling Legoland Windsor Resort theme park, the hotel greets guests with an impressive floor-to-ceiling 35,000-Lego brick wizard.

Rooms are divided thematically as either Knight or Wizard quarters. Every Knight room is home to a 17kg Lego dragon, which took 60 hours to build, while every Wizard room is inhabited by a family of three owls, which took 90 hours to assemble.

The Lego hotel brings the total number of bricks on the resort to 80 million.

The centerpiece of the hotel is an 2.59m tall knight on horseback, made with 160,000 bricks and designed by an 11-year-old contest winner from Britain.

The smallest model is a 7cm dragonfly.

Another fun fact: Grey was the most frequently used Lego brick, while lavender was the least used.

Prices at the Legoland Castle Hotel start from £572 (RM3,186) for a family of four and include access to the park. – AFP Relaxnews