Are you one of those who get high at the smell of burning tires? At the sounds of revving engines and the screeching of tires zipping through a track at speeds that makes it a blur for the naked eye? Or perhaps you like the sight of big huge umbrellas that are being carried around by err, damsels?

If it’s yes to any or all of it, you’re probably a big fan of Formula 1 racing. Singapore is one of the select venues for one of the F1 races in the yearly calendar.

Probably spotting some withdrawal symptoms of mega F1 fans, the Hilton Singapore has come up with a unique offering. It’s Asia’s first motor racing-themed hotel suite, the McLaren-Honda suite.

The bespoke motor racing-themed suite comes packed with McLaren-Honda driver kit consisting of driver race overalls, helmet, boots and gloves, as well as the McLaren-Honda racing car steering wheel, and a set of display wheels. Even amenities like bathrobes are specially embroidered with the names of the McLaren-Honda Formula 1 team’s world-class drivers, Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button!

The Hilton, McLaren-Honda tie in has been happening since 2005 hosting the team at various locations and this year at seven race locations to date.

Earlier there was a bid for members of HHonours on an experience at the suite which included a very special dinner.

While that bid has closed, anyone can still directly book the suite till Sep 26 this year by just heading to the Hilton Singapore website. Do we hear the sound of speeding fingers busy typing away?