Feeling confused about when is the best time to book your next trip? Now, with Asia-based online accommodation reservations company, Agoda.com’s recently announced trip-planning calendar, travellers can get the best hotel deals all over the world, by booking at the correct time.

Based on its recent Travel Smart study, the calendar shows the best times to book trips in order to enjoy the best hotel deals at 25 of the world’s most popular travel destinations. It is based on the price analysis and booking data of millions of guests who used Agoda.com last year.

For most destinations around the globe, the cheapest time to book hotels is at the beginning of the year. Average room rates during the first two weeks of January were lower in 22 out of 25 destinations studied.

Room rates in September and October are generally more expensive, with October being the most expensive month worldwide, where 21 of the 25 destinations have higher room rates.

Also, when to get the best bargains depends on where you are travelling to. Mid-March is a good time to visit Europe, with hotel rooms in top destinations including Paris, Rome, London and Barcelona, cheaper by 20%. July is considered high season in most destinations, but hotel rooms in Sydney and New York are actually cheaper then. Also, the last week in December, which is high season in many destinations, is a good time to travel to Stockholm.

Just how much can a traveller save? Monthly price variations can be quite significant. For example, a hotel room in Berlin is 51% cheaper in September than in January, while in Barcelona, it is 49% cheaper in January. From November to February, Istanbul hotels are 23% cheaper while in June, they’re 21% more expensive.

Unfortunately, travellers to Asia might not find that many low season bargains. Hotel prices in Asia’s most popular destinations remain consistent throughout the year and the discounts are minimal. For example, if you’re travelling to Hong Kong, the biggest discount you’ll get is in May or June, where prices are 11% lower.

“For many travellers, price is the most important factor in deciding when and where to go. This data can help our customers get the most out of their money,” says John Brown, Agoda.com chief operating officer.