In search of a new and different vacation spot, with great food and cultural delights? A theatre in Stockholm, Sweden is playing host to a Klingon delegation seeking to promote tourism to Qo’nos (pronounced “kronos”), the home planet of the ruthless yet honourable race of warriors from Star Trek.

The event shows off the best of the race’s culture including opera, martial arts, and culinary delights such as Gagh – a delicacy of well-seasoned live worms – and blood wine.

Along with a stage presentation – offered four times a week in English and Klingon – the lobby of the Turteatern has displays offering vacation packages to Qo’nos, extolling the merits of Klingon culinary tours (“the best kept secret of the Beta Quadrant”), and seeking to attract students to courses at the military academy (“find your inner warrior in outer space”).

Star Trek fans were out in force recently for the show’s premiere, eager for first contact with Klingons. “I think it was a really good show,” said Urban Andersson, chairman of the Stockholm Trekkers association, dressed in his Star Fleet uniform.

Star Trek

A participant is dressed as a Star Fleet officer from a species known as Trill in the cult TV franchise Star Trek. Photo: AP Photo/David Keyton

Many fans were relieved to see that the visitors from Qo’nos resembled the Klingons from Star Trek: The Next Generation, rather than from Star Trek: Discovery, the latest installment produced by CBS.

“They are exactly the way I expected them to be,” said Snoret Linden, dressed as a Star Fleet ‘Trill’, a humanoid species from the planet Trill. It was a point stressed by the Klingons themselves, who had a message for Quentin Tarantino, director of the upcoming Star Trek movie.

“We have seen Star Trek: Discovery. We do not approve of this malicious portrayal of Klingons,” said Ambassador Ban’Shee of the House of Duras. “Treat our race honourably in your upcoming picture and we will let you lick our feet. Fail, and pray for mercy.”

The theatre show runs until the end of March. – AP/David Keyton