Ibiza, an island off the coast of Spain, is poised to crack down on its infamous bars, resorts and nightlife, after the results of a new report confirmed excessive noise levels around the island.

In response to complaints filed by locals fed up with the thumping music and vibrations that extend well into the night, city council members of San Antonio have announced plans to proceed with a special “acoustic protection” zone aimed at turning down the volume on noise pollution, reports the Diario de Ibiza.

Measurements carried out this summer found that noise levels went up to 86dB (decibels) – the equivalent of a Boeing 737, or diesel train travelling at 72km/h, notes The Mirror UK. The new zoning will mean that noise levels will be restricted to 65dB during the day, and 55dB at night.

Officials are hoping the new zoning regulations will stop the flow of locals from the area, restore order and take back the streets from drunken tourists and revellers.

Over the last few weeks of October, the biggest nightclubs around Ibiza threw their final hurrahs of the season, with closing parties that also flouted local noise by-laws.

During the second week of October, police in the Ibizan village of Sant Jordi received 30 phone calls complaining about the music pumping out of local night club DC10 on the night of its closing party. The club was found guilty of failing to comply with local by-laws which state that music must be restricted to inside the building between the hours of midnight and 1pm. – AFP Relaxnews