Norwegians have come out en masse to raise nearly €20,000 (RM98,279) to repair an eye-catching male organ-shaped rock formation apparently knocked down by vandals.

The formation, which local guides had planned to make a tourist destination, is known as Trollpikken, or “The Troll’s Male Appendage” in a very conservative translation.

Hikers in south-western Norway in late June, found the massive rock sectioned off, lying on the ground at the base of the rock face from which it had protruded, AFP reports.

Media accounts of the damage showed traces of drilling on the geological formation. Police have launched an inquiry into potential vandalism.

A local entrepreneur launched an online collection to raise money to put the pieces of the male-organ like rock back together.

By June 21, almost 1,000 donors had responded to the appeal, raising more than 160,000 kroner (RM105,712).

Elsewhere in Norway, another famous rock formation, the Trolltunga, will be closed this season.

Himmelstigen, the famous mountain-biking, hiking and climbing route that runs along a spectacular rock ledge, will be closed in order to undergo renovations, according to tourist body Fjord Norway.

dpa International reports that Fjord Norway has been trying to get the alert out about the closure in order to avoid disappointing travellers and underscores the fact that the classic hiking route to Trolltunga remains open to tourists.

trolltunga rock formation

Trolltunga, Norwegian for Troll’s Tongue, is closed this season. Photo: dpa/Sveinung Klyve/

Trolltunga, Norwegian for Troll’s Tongue, is a protruding rock formation around 700 metres above the Ringedalsvatnet reservoir in western Norway. It is considered one of the country’s premier attractions – as well as a truly unique photo opportunity.

Each year, many hikers underestimate the difficulty of Trolltunga.

Some are poorly equipped and, especially when bad weather comes in, end up in dangerous situations. The Red Cross in nearby Odda is often the one called to come to the rescue with emergency assistance. – Agencies