According to a study by, inhabitants of Europe on average board an aircraft 13 times throughout their life and discover eight different countries.

Europeans are extensive travellers, but they do not all have the same tastes. British travellers are the most on the move. They visit an average of nine countries in their life and take the plane 16 times. Meanwhile, the Spanish like to stay close to home the most they visit six countries and board 13 aircraft. Perhaps Spaniards prefer discovering the various regions of their own country, a top destination for other Europeans.

The French visit an average of eight countries and take 11 flights in their lifetime. The French are the least experienced in matters of air travel.

Europeans however all agree on the reason for going on holiday. French (46%), Germans (41%) and British (38%) take time off to spend with family. The Spaniards (48%) prefer to take time off to avoid stress. Italians (44%) and French (35%) acknowledge going on holiday as a way to escape and explore other destinations.

The study was conducted online between May 22 and June 1, 2015. The total sample size was based on 1,000 adults in France, 2,000 in the United Kingdom, and 1,000 in Spain, Germany and Italy. – AFP Relaxnews