An annual phenomenon that turns 12 sq km into an eruption of pink peach blossoms has begun since last month in a region in mid-Western China, the largest peach blossom field in the country.

For about a month, visitors will behold a spring phenomenon in which 600,000 trees blossom in silent coordination, turning Guian New Area into a sea of pink flowers.

Guian New Area is a special, economic-development zone designated by the Chinese government to attract new development and investments.

Thanks to nearly 20 species of peach trees that stagger the blooming period between early and late March, the flowers are expected to last until mid April.

After taking selfies with the trees and drinking in the sweet scents of the heavily perfumed air, tourists can also visit the pre-historic Niupodong Cave Site, one of the biggest archaeology discoveries in China.

There’s also the Wanhua Monastery, a sacred Buddhist site in Guizhou.

Development in the region also includes the opening of theme parks, a lake resort area, hot springs, and cultural heritage park featuring the customs of Guizhou’s 17 different ethnic minority groups.

It’s estimated that the region attracted 3.8 million visitors in 2016. – AFP Relaxnews