If you’re an adrenaline junkie and would like to experience the adventure of a lifetime, then you might want to try bungee jumping off the Macau Tower in China. At 233m, it is the world’s highest commercial bungee jump.

Because it is not off a bridge or cliff with the crashing waves of the sea below, the view up there can be quite different from other bungee jumps. For one, you’ll see endless vistas of Macau city and its surrounding waters.

Just imagine that you’re spiderman swinging from building and building, and you’ll get the picture.

What is the scariest part of bungee jumping? Is it actually jumping?

For someone like me who is afraid of heights, just travelling up in the elevator where I could see the view (and distance from the ground) outside was already scary enough.

Having to go out onto the platform to be harnessed to the bungee equipment seemed to be a bridge too far to conquer!

I couldn’t even stand on the glass-bottomed area inside the tower to be photographed! What made me think I would even dare to jump off the ledge into the unknown below?

Yet when I visited the Macau Tower recently and saw the words, “Everyday, do something that reminds you you’re still alive”, I thought that some day… I might just muster up the courage to try it. But not on that day, unfortunately, because I was only given half an hour to explore the tower before proceeding to my next destination.

Developed by bungee jumping veteran AJ Hackett from New Zealand, this tower jump is open seven days a week, 365 days a year, with jumps subject to weather conditions. And if you prefer to see the city skyline all lit up in the dark sky, night jumps are also available.

A specially-designed bungee cord, guide cables, and recovery system had to be developed by Hackett and his team. They implemented this new design, tested all the equipment and invented what is now known as the “second generation” bungee cord.

This sphere-shaped cord, which is larger at the top than the bottom, enables a jumper’s weight to be evenly placed throughout the length of the bungee cord, which is important when jumping from such a height.

“Designing this new bungy cord was a major step forward for us. It will now allow us to jump from any building or structure in the world,” says Hackett.

View from the Macau Tower. The uniquely shaped building in the distance is the Lisboa Hotel.

View from the Macau Tower. The uniquely shaped building in the distance is the Lisboa Hotel.

Jumpers will take the plunge from a platform 233m above the ground and experience free falling… until slowing down 30m from the ground, before rebounding back up.

Safety is ensured with the guide cables system which makes sure the jumper does not accidentally hit the wall of the tower. This system also helps makes jumps possible even when there are strong crosswinds or light rain.

What is the cost of your adventure in the skies?

The first jump starts from HKD3,088 (RM1,732) which is inclusive of a bungee jump e-certificate, exclusive “jumpers only” T-shirt (if you complete the jump), and an AJ Hackett International membership card offering 20% discounts worldwide.

And you can always add on a second jump at half the price.

To prove you did it, you can also purchase photos and videos of your jump, which are then provided on USB memory sticks. And if you’re in the mood for something more unconventional, costumes can be provided at an extra cost as well.

The jump may seem pricey but for thrill seekers, it might just be worth taking the plunge.

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