The final challenge of the AirAsia X Takeover Challenge was not for the faint-hearted. How did the two finalists fare?

HAVE you ever watched that classic film that turned the Great White Shark into a “terrifying” creature? Yes that would be Jaws – were you terrified?

Can you imagine how the two finalists for the final AirAsia X Takeover Challenge must have felt when doing their challenge? All sorts of thoughts must have run through their mind for they had to face off in a shark cage dive challenge with The Great White Shark at Neptune Island, Port Lincoln.

AirAsia X and South Australian Tourism Commission hosted the final challenge for the AirAsia X Takeover Challenge.

Out of numerous X-citing video entries, six entries were shortlisted for voting online and the top two videos with the highest votes and judges scores combined were picked to participate in this final challenge. Two contestants with the highest vote won an all-expense paid trip to Adelaide, Australia giving them a once in a lifetime experience for a shark cage dive.

It's 7am local time and Kay Stanford (left) and Josephine Lim are on their way to the Neptune Islands for the Shark Cage Dive challenge. – Photo from AirAsia X

The top two contestants chosen were Josephine Lim and Kay Stanford who are both avid divers. For this challenge, both contestants were strapped with a heart rate monitor and the contestant with the lowest heart rate when faced with the Great White Shark was named winner of the challenge.

Stanford won the challenge by default as Lim lost her heart rate monitor during the challenge. Lim’s heart must have truly skipped a beat at her loss while Stanford’s must have raced quite a bit!

Cue the theme song from Jaws as sharks approach the cage. – Photo from AirAsia X

The grand prize for the winner was an “X-hillarating” experience to swim amongst the captivating sea lions that are known for their somersaults, backflips and swirls.

“I felt so alive during the dive! All my senses were telling me how great the ocean eco-system is and how little I know about these beautiful creatures,” said the visibly excited Stanford.

Kay Stanford in his gear making his way into the cage. – Photo from AirAsia X

Lim was in seventh heaven but found the water temperature extremely cold as she was more used to diving in tropical seas.

“But the moment I saw the Great White Shark, I was captured by its strong and powerful movements and how it hunted for food merely a foot away from me. It even bit the cage I was in,” she added.

To watch the final challenge online, viewers can log on to to watch this X-citing episode. The first and second challenge of the AirAsia Takeover challenge is also available on the YouTube page for your viewing pleasure.

The Great White Shark cage diving is one of the most “X-hillirating” and memorable “X-periences” you can have in the ocean, and is a must-do for anyone visiting South Australia. Neptune Island, Port Lincoln is a known venue with the highest Great White Shark sightings where divers can come face to face with one of the most feared predators in the world and it is only a 45 minute domestic plane ride from Adelaide city.

AirAsia X flies five times weekly from its hub in Kuala Lumpur to Adelaide, South Australia’s capital. AirAsia X will be increasing its flight frequency to Adelaide to seven times weekly from Dec 1 onwards.