With a new travel year unfolding before us, the most eager among us are already plotting out their 2018 holidays. For those with lighter post-holiday wallets and budget-conscious travel styles, online hotel reservation site Booking.com has broken down the best value-for-money destinations to visit across North America for every month of the year.

For the travel calendar, ana­lysts first looked at the average nightly rate of three to five-star accommodations in the most popular global cities. They then looked at the yearly overview of pricing fluctuations before determining the best weeks for visiting chosen destinations.

Overall, the calendar predictably suggests hitting up destinations during off-peak seasons. For instance, July is deemed the best time to visit New York, when accommodations are 25% more affordable than the most expensive month of the year, and when many locals have fled the concrete jungle’s stifling heat.

Here’s a look at Booking.com’s travel calendar for thrifty North American destinations in 2018.

January: San Diego, California (37% more affordable than the most expensive month of the year)
February: Las Vegas, Nevada (43%)
March: Montreal, Canada (22%)
April: Toronto, Canada (27%)
May: Orlando, Florida (18%)
June: Miami, Florida (39%)
July: New York City (25%)
August: New Orleans, Louisiana (45%)
September: Washington, DC (26%)
October: Los Angeles, California (14%)
November: San Francisco (31%)
December: Atlanta, Georgia (24%)

–  AFP Relaxnews