Airbnb has teamed up with National Geographic to create a solar eclipse viewing experience that involves sleeping under the stars in a geodesic dome and a flight aboard a private jet that moves directly into the moon’s shadow, while listening to running commentary from NatGeo experts.

On August 21, the whole of America will experience a partial solar eclipse as the moon moves in front of the sun, blocking its rays.

The last time the contiguous United States saw a total eclipse was in 1979.

Halfway through the event, anyone within a 112 km from Oregon to South Carolina will experience a total eclipse, when the moon blocks out the sun completely, turning day into night for about 2 minutes, 40 seconds.

To mark the occasion, Airbnb has created an overnight experience that begins on the eve of the eclipse, when one winner and their guest will travel to a hiking and camping site outside Bend, Oregon, where they’ll be put up in a transparent geodesic dome, equipped with an observation deck and telescopes.

A NatGeo astrophysicist will be available to share insights about the celestial system, while a master night-sky photographer will teach guests how to capture the best photos for the event.

On the morning of the eclipse, guests will rise before dawn and board a private jet headed for the Oregon coastline, where they’ll fly over the Pacific Ocean and directly into the moon’s shadow.

During the flight, guests will be suspended within the path of totality.

Airbnb is certainly not the only travel brand to offer solar eclipse-themed packages. The once-in-a-lifetime event has inspired a slew of US travel and tour companies to host solar eclipse viewing experiences, many of which are listed by the American Astronomical Society. – AFP Relaxnews