Ethiopia has launched a new electronic visa application service, making it easier for tourists to visit the East African nation.

Visitors from countries as diverse as Germany, Brazil, Australia and South Korea can now all apply online for a visa from the comfort of their own homes. (Ed: Malaysia is not included at the moment.)

The aviation group Ethiopian Airlines has been promoting this new travel option after it was announced by the Ethiopian immigration authorities.

An application through the Ethiopian government’s website will cost you US$52 (RM223). The site also gives a full list of countries eligible for the e-visa.

The new application service is only available for tourist visas. It could save many travellers time spent on paperwork, or a trip to the Ethiopian embassy – often an arduous chore for those not residing in capital cities.


A tuk-tuk drives outside of the walled city of Harar, Ethiopia, Feb 24, 2017. Photo: Reuters

You’ll still be able to get your visa the more traditional way, directly from the embassy in advance, or on arrival at airports in Addis Ababa or Dire Dawa.

Visa costs vary country to country, so consult the website of your country’s Ethiopian embassy. In the US, a single entry one-month visa costs US$50.

Travellers should bear in mind that the Ethiopian government declared a state of emergency in October 2016. The German government, for example, currently advises against travelling to the Oromia and Amhara regions. – dpa