Now whenever you have a beverage on board Firefly Airlines that comes in a carton, you can breathe a little easier knowing that the planet is in green hands. The carrier recently became the first full-service airline in Malaysia that separates used beverage cartons on board for recycling.

The partnership with Tetra Pak Malaysia will see Firefly recycling its in-flight beverage cartons.

Firefly chief executive officer Philip See said beverage cartons are just the tip of the carrier’s green efforts moving forward.

“We will gradually begin transitioning to more sustainable initiatives in the near future as we will need to consider space and time pressures on cabin crew to collect materials separately,” he said.

He added that recycling cartons is a great way to keep unnecessary waste out of landfills.

The used beverage cartons collected on Firefly’s flights will be recycled into new and useful items such as paper, cardboards, roofing tiles and furniture.

Tetra Pak environment director (Cluster South Asia, East Asia Oceania) Terrynz Tan hoped that the partnership will raise awareness in environment conservation.

“It has been our goal to introduce recycling to as many Malaysians as possible, and it has been a great journey towards educating more people on the usefulness of beverage cartons even after it has served its purpose,” she said.

All Tetra Pak cartons are 100% recyclable.