Malaysia has the fifth cheapest taxi fare in the world, according to the results of a new study. It only takes €1.70 (RM8.03) for a 5km taxi ride in the country.

To achieve the numbers, Taxi2Airport analysed data collated by The average taxi fare presented is relative to a 5km journey.

The airport transfer site chose to focus on 5km because, faced with a journey of this length, hailing a cab is often a necessity – especially if you have luggage or kids around.

For comparison, the country with the cheapest taxi fare is Egypt at €0.84 (RM3.97) for a 5km ride. In fact, the base fee for a taxi fare in Egypt is as low as €0.24 (RM1.13).

The Land of Pyramids and Pharaohs is followed closely by India (€1.29/RM6.10), Thailand (€1.41/RM6.65) and Indonesia (€1.68/RM7.92) in South-Eeast Asia.

Rounding off the top 10 cheapest countries for taxi fares are Mexico (€1.80/RM8.48, followed by Turkey (€2.24/RM10.56), China (€2.41/RM11.37), South America’s Argentina (€2.44/RM11.51) and Vietnam (€2.47/RM11.65).

On the other hand, taxi fares are far more expensive in European countries. Switzerland tops the list with €22.68 (RM106.96) for a 5km ride!

Japan takes second place (€15.64/RM73.76); followed by Germany (€13.80/RM65.08), the Netherlands (€13.40/RM63.19) and Belgium (€12.90/RM60.84).

Rounding off the top 10 expensive countries for taxi fares are Austria (€11.60/RM54.71), New Zealand (€10.53/RM49.66), Britain (€10.08/RM47.54), France (€10/RM47.16) and Sweden (€9.91/RM46.74).

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