A holiday is more than just beautiful sceneries and great food these days. Experiences are equally important as more and more travellers look for the unique or downright bizarre.

Airbnb tapped into this movement when it introduced Airbnb Experiences – activities hosted by local experts – in 2016. Today, the platform has over 25,000 activities in over 1,000 cities around the world.

We track down five unique experiences for you to try.

Learn to eat fire (Los Angeles, US)

Feel your heart race as you join a burlesque performer in her private LA home studio to learn the art of fire eating.
After learning some basic theories and safety precautions, you will have the chance to venture outdoors and give this hot performance a shot. By the end of the session, you will be gorging flames with the best of them.

Extract DNA into a necklace (Tacoma, US)

If you feel the need to immortalise a part of yourself into something inanimate, this is an experience for you. With the guidance from a local scientist, learn how to extract your own DNA to create a necklace pendant. This activity will be conducted in a cutting-edge biotech lab – with white coats and all!

Experience neural enhancement (London)

Here’s your time to shine in your own personal sci-fi adventure. Undergo a brain surgery simulation in this one-on-one interactive theatre performance.
Fret not as this is an intensely relaxing procedure that applies sensory stimulation to the head alongside an audio
experience. The neural enhancement is safe and painless, leaving no lasting marks or scars.

Cuddle in a social laboratory (Los Angeles, US)

Studies show cuddling can significantly reduce stress and anxiety. What better reason to sharpen your spooning skills at this LA-based cuddle laboratory? You will receive expert coaching through therapeutic hand holding and hugging before practising your newfound skills in paired and group activities.

Explore a crystal mirror space (San Francisco, US)

Be enchanted when you enter a magical room of cascading mirrored colour and light. With highly Instagrammable spots, this place will keep your social media feed busy. Alternatively, take a seat on the shiny sequined sofa and put on the headphones to be drifted away to a musical adventure.