Have you or someone you know ever fallen ill while on your travels? It is a most inconvenient situation, especially when in a foreign country. Imagine being away from home and familiar surroundings, as well as not being conversant in the language at your destination. How would you be assured of getting the correct diagnosis and treatment? Moreover, there is also the unpredictable and most likely high cost of the medical consultation and treatment.

But now, you can talk to a Malaysian doctor even while travelling abroad. Tune Protect has partnered with DoctorOnCall.com.my, Malaysia’s first telehealth service provider that offers online medical consultation with board-certified doctors via chat, phone call or video call. Through this collaboration, AirAsia Tune Protect Travel Protection policyholders will receive complimentary medical consultation services for free while travelling.

DoctorOnCall is an online platform that provides medical consultation with more than 70 Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) registered doctors with valid Annual Practicing Certificate (APC).


It sucks to get sick, especially when travelling. But now, you can get reliable free medical consultation wherever you travel to, thanks to DoctorOnCall and Tune Protect.

You will be able to speak to a doctor with regard to common ailments such as cough, flu, fever, skin conditions and consultation for long term disease management such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. All you need is a phone or an internet connection to get in touch with a doctor. This means that reliable healthcare is at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

AirAsia Tune Protect Travel Protection policyholders can obtain free medical consultation during both domestic and international travels. If the doctor prescribes any medication, domestic travellers can have their free medication delivered directly to wherever they are in the country. This is important because a majority of medications for ailments such as diabetes, hypertension, and migraine, require a prescription.

With AirAsia Tune Protect Travel Protection, travellers can choose between an annual travel protection plan starting from 50 sen per day or a one-time travel plan when flying with AirAsia, starting from 80 sen per day.

For more info, visit: www.tuneprotect.com/airasia/en/doctoroncall/.