Whether you wish to spend your time chilling on the beach, relaxing in a spa, meditating in a beautiful garden, or clubbing and partying until the wee hours of the morning, there are some holidays that are deemed “strictly no kids, adults only”.

From romantic holidays and spa retreats to party holidays, there is always something for every parent who just wants some time away from the kids. An adults-only holiday is good for couples who not only wish to restore romance in their relationship, but also to recuperate from the stresses of daily life, raising kids, and earning a living.

If you don’t have time to plan for one, then give your travel agent a call and ask them about adults-only vacation packages.

Party till dawn

Do you love painting the town red, dancing and partying till dawn with your partner and adult friends? Then, you might enjoy a party holiday.


Have fun all night long at a beach party.

When you’re on a party holiday, you can do all the things you used to do when you were single like going to nightclubs and bars, and dancing the night away. Or, if you prefer something more sophisticated, check out exclusive nightclubs and high-end party venues where you’d have to dress up to the nines to enter.

Those who wish to “party” but can no longer stand loud music can opt to go on wine or craft beer trails instead.

Some destinations with smashing nightlife scenes include Bangkok (Thailand), Tokyo (Japan), Bali (Indonesia), Sydney (Australia) and London (Britain).

Adult entertainment

No, it is not what you think. This is about live performances overseas – or outside your home city – by your favourite artistes or award-winning entertainment groups. Going on a trip specifically to catch a single concert or theatrical performance, for example, may be indulgent but if you can afford it, why not? Especially if it means getting to spend some quality time with your spouse … without the kids fussing about in the background.


If your kids are very young, you might not want to bring them to a rock concert, because the noise level is harmful to the hearing of children below a certain age.

You really only need to be away for a single night/day to catch the show but of course you can stay longer, especially if it’s a new destination for you and your loved one. Treat yourself every now and then, you deserve it!

Adults-only entertainment venues also include casinos, though you may not want to stay too long there.


It goes without saying that a spa holiday is usually an exclusively adult vacation.

Relax and meditate

Sometimes, mum and dad just need some time out from the busy stresses of daily life to recuperate and rejuvenate at a spa or meditation retreat. Many such retreats or resorts cater exclusively to adults and have a no-kids policy, in order to keep the noise level down in the spa and meditation environment.

Also, it is a time when parents are not supposed to fuss over their kids but to just let go of the troubles and de-stress.

So, pack the kids off to Grandma’s and set off with your partner for a spa holiday. Relax with some couple’s spa treatments. Try out couple’s yoga or meditation too.

If such a holiday is your cup of tea, then head to Langkawi in Kedah, or some of the islands in Thailand.

On the art trail

If art appreciation and visiting galleries is your thing, then go on an art and culture appreciation holiday. This means exploring a city’s art galleries and museums, as well as historical and cultural centres.

Your teenage children might be able to appreciate such a holiday, and there are art galleries and museums which have been specifically set up for kids. However, several mishaps around the world where priceless exhibits have been destroyed by overenthusiastic or distracted kids, have resulted in some art galleries banning children below a certain age from their premises.


Although there are art galleries and museums that do admit kids, certain mishaps around the world where priceless exhibits have been destroyed by overenthusiastic kids, has resulted in these venues banning children below a certain age from their premises.

This is also to keep the noise levels down and allow art afficionados to be free from distractions and fully appreciate the exhibits and displays.

Cities like London, New York, Paris, and St Petersburg (Russia), have many wonderful galleries to check out.

Extreme adventures


Although some outdoors holidays might be suitable for older teenagers, you might not want to bring very young kids on such an extreme adventure as this whitewater rafting one for safety reasons.

Couples who enjoy the outdoors or adventurous activities may want to consider a holiday that focuses on this. Although some outdoor and adventure holidays are suitable for older children, many of these activities involve risks that you don’t want to put your children through. So it is advisable that you do these activities without kids in tow.

If you want to go white-water rafting, rockclimbing, trek extreme terrains and climb mountains, you can check out destinations like Padas River in Beaufort and Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, Krabi in Thailand, Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal, and the Inca Trail in Peru.