Attention thrill seekers in Malaysia, a brand new adventure awaits at Sunway Lagoon in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

In conjunction with its Splash & Thrill Into The Summer campaign, the theme park dares you to take on 10 of its most spine-chilling rides in its Thrill-O-Meter challenge!

We tried out all of the rides recently and … survived. Here’s what we went through on that hot, sunny day.


Pirate’s Revenge

The Pirate’s Revenge is the country’s first 360˚ rotating ship. The ship makes consistent short breaks mid air, which may cause your heart to miss a beat. Seeing the amusement park while dangling upside down is quite priceless, though. This ride will really get you screaming in fear.


Another way to literally make your world turn upside down is to get on the Tomahawk ride. The experience of riding this is undoubtedly an unforgettable one. It moves faster than the Pirate’s Revenge so you will definitely feel the drop while on this ride. It is enjoyable, but it will tense up your body and leave you holding on to your seat belt for dear life!

G-Force X

G-Force X. Photo: The Star/Faihan Ghani

Forget gravity for about two seconds and reach for the skies as the G-Force X catapults you from 0 to 120kmph. As one of Asia’s fastest slingshot rides, it is by far the most surprising rides at the park. Everything happens so quickly though that you wish it was a little longer. Well, maybe not.

Bungy Jump

Bungy Jump. Photo: The Star/Faihan Ghani

We took the ultimate leap of faith on Malaysia’s first official bungy jump. At 21m, the bungy is “not that high” and quite manageable for most people, except perhaps for those with a crippling fear of heights. During the jump, you will get a sense of being totally free – kind of like a bird – which makes the experience all the more worth it.

Cameroon Climb

Cameroon Climb. Photo: Sunway Lagoon

Get a taste of the African rivers (well, supposedly) as you brave the intense height and speed of the Cameron Climb. This is reportedly the first double tube water ride in the world. It drops riders from as high as 15m only to shoot them all the way back up again to 8m. The boomerang effect towards the end of this ride is quite memorable.


Vuvuzela. Photo: Sunway Lagoon

Inspired by the spiral shape of the vuvuzela horn, this gigantic water ride is the largest in Malaysia and even made it into the Malaysia Book of Records 2013. Step onto a water floater and swirl left and right at an incredible speed as you make your way through the slide. There are a number of waterfalls to go through, too, so be prepared to get drenched from head to toe!

Monsoon 360

Monsoon 360 Ride. Photo: Sunway Lagoon

Imagine standing firmly on a secure floor. Seconds later, that floor pulls out from under your feet and you plummet all the way down through a topsy-turvy water slide! Seems like a thrilling experience doesn’t it? That’s exactly what the Monsoon 360 ride is all about. It will leave you gasping for air but once you’ve reached the bottom, you’ll be begging to get on top again.


Flowrider. Photo: Sunway Lagoon

At the Flowrider, riders surf against a speedy water current using a water board, conquering the waves and staying balanced on the board for as long as possible. The feeling you get when you outlast the waves longer than everybody else around is fun and exhilarating. The ride is also suitable for surfing beginners and those who are curious to try surfing.

Scuba Diving In The City

Scuba Diving In The City. Photo: Sunway Lagoon

Operated by Titan Scuba Asia, this is obviously not a ride but a chance for thrill seekers to learn some scuba diving basics. The programme is short, the instructors are licensed divers and you get to learn in a safe and relaxed environment.

Lost City Of Gold Scream Coaster

Lost City of Gold Scream Coaster. Photo: Sunway Lagoon

Here’s a ride filled with rip-roaring twists and turns. The Lost City of Gold Scream Coaster will have you screaming from start to end, thanks to its intense speed. Make sure to hold on tight as you have to enter the gold mine in pitch darkness without any idea of what’s to happen. Fun!

In the Thrill-O-Meter challenge, participants will need to capture five creative selfies at five different “voting boards”. There are 10 voting boards altogether, located at each of the chosen rides in the park.

Once you have your selfies, post them on Instagram (if you have a private account, you need to unlock it to qualify) with the hashtag #SLThrillOMeterChallenge. The most creative posts will win four admission tickets to the park. This challenge is on now and will run until Aug 16.

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