It was a dream come true – and a sweet one at that – for a British traveller when she came to Malaysia recently on holiday.

Simply going by her Reddit username “AnnieIWillKnow”, the traveller mentioned online that she was all excited after she chanced upon her favourite Cadbury Dream Bar at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Apparently, the white chocolate Dream bar has not been available in Britain for many years now due to poor sales.

AnnieIWillKnow posted a photo of the chocolate bar with the caption: “Found in Kuala Lumpur International Airport – you can still buy Cadbury’s Dream bars in Malaysia!”.

Her post was flooded with many comments; hundreds of users expressed their desperation to get their hands on the chocolate bar even though it was more expensive than what they used to cost in Britain.


A British traveller’s dream comes true when she finds her favourite chocolate bar (which is no longer available in the United Kingdom) in KLIA, while on holiday in Malaysia. Photo: Malaysia Airports

Some chocolate fans have requested for AnnieIWillKnow to bring a few bars of the Cadbury Dream back.

User StardustOasis replied: “You’ve got to bring some back for us now.”

“It was an outrageous £5 for a bar, but I couldn’t resist … my sister has already requested a portion of it,” AnnieIWillKnow posted on Reddit, admitting that she couldn’t resist buying it despite the price.

Her post caused such a stir on the messaging board that several users even expressed an interest to travel to Malaysia.

User j_cooper1905 posted he was “booking a one-way ticket to Malaysia”.

“Hello, yes, I’ll take 600,” user endgame00 commented.

Another user said: “Right lads, we’re going to Malaysia.”

User hardyflashier enthused: “OH MY GOD I’m actually going out there for a trip soon, this makes me so happy.”

“It’s a dream for them to be brought back,” user Kiransethi101 said.

The chocolate bar was on display next to other British favourites such as Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut, at the duty free shop in KLIA.

AnnieIWillKnow noted that the chocolate bar was also available in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand … which she had visited before returning home during the weekend.