If you’re planning to go glamping, it may be more “glamorous” than regular camping, and there might be more facilities at the glamping venue. But, it’s still good to go prepared, so here are some guidelines to keep in mind.

1. Keep pests away

Even though the accommodations are more luxurious than regular tents, there might still be pesky mosquitoes at night or flies buzzing around your food. Remember to bring some insect repellent. We recommend something environmentally-friendly such as citronella.

2. Comfortable clothing

Unless you’re attending a wedding or having a photoshoot at the glamping facility, you might want to leave your suit or best dress at home. Choose comfortable clothing that you can relax and move around in easily. Fast-dry clothing is good if the weather is hot and humid. If you’re glamping overseas where it is cold, be sure you have the necessary warm clothing.

3. Shoes are important

It may be called glamorous camping, but it is still not the right place to wear high heels. Stick to comfortable walking shoes. In case you want to explore the trails, hiking boots are also a good idea. If you intend to go river trekking or cross streams, bring along waterproof sandals.

4. Pack right

Pack wisely and come prepared. Do your research on your chosen glamping grounds and what the facility provides. If you’re bringing your kids, be sure to pack their food and snacks, toys, and other stuff to keep them entertained and occupied.

5. Be civic minded

You may be far from civilisation, but that doesn’t mean you should be any less civilised. Don’t litter or pollute the environment. Dispose of your own trash in the proper place and don’t destroy the natural surroundings by defacing it or damaging property. Also, try to keep the noise level down.

6. Be prepared

As in all holidays and camping trips, whether glamorous ones or not, sometimes, the unexpected happens – bad weather, unexpected scrapes and scratches, or falling ill. So, bring books or board games in case you can’t go out of your tent. And, lastly, remember to have fun.