If you love the thrill of sleeping under the stars and being in the great outdoors, but hate creepy crawlies, annoying mosquitoes and can’t stand the thought of stepping on muddy, damp grass, then you might want to try “glamping”.

Yes, “glamorous camping” or glamping combines the best of both worlds: You get to enjoy the best of nature, without foregoing the comforts and luxuries of civilisation.

Glamping is fast becoming a top option for families and city dwellers who wish to escape the concrete jungle and spend more time exploring nature, yet are perhaps too tired to do all that packing and prepping.

These days, glamping has extended beyond pitching a luxurious tent at a location with a great view as there are now companies/resorts that offer tree houses, camper vans, teepees, yurts, pods, or even igloos to customers looking to gain unique experiences.

Here are some glamping locations to check out in Malaysia.


Spectacular natural limestone towers are an amazing backdrop for glamping at Lost World Glamping. Photo: Lost World of Tambun

Lost World Glamping in Ipoh, Perak

Lush tropical jungle, natural hot springs, spectacular limestone features, natural surroundings, and, for those who prefer something closer to civilisation, seven thrilling attraction parks.

These are some of the things you’ll enjoy at Lost World Glamping at Lost World of Tambun in Ipoh. After a fun-filled day at the theme park, you can relax in your own luxury tent, which comes complete with the comforts of a hotel, such as bed linen, power sockets, fan, and complimentary buffet breakfast.

The place has been likened to a “five billion star” experience because you’re sleeping under the stars, literally!

Website: sunwaylostworldoftambun.com/glamping


Bamboo Tents at Tadom Hill Resorts. Photo: Tadom Hill Resorts

Tadom Hill Resorts in Banting, Selangor

Experience “bamboo culture” at its best when you go glamping at Tadom Hill Resort. Nestled among limestone hills, lakes and trees, you can get some quiet respite from city life here. Glamping accommodations include pre-pitched Eco Tents, Bamboo Tents and Hammock Spheres, which all come with “necessities” like mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows and ceiling fans.

There are many dining options, from self-cook barbecues under the stars, buffet spreads, to the Tadom Hill Cafe which serves traditional kampung and international fare. You won’t be bored because there are a variety of activities such as ATV rides, flying fox, and other sports activities.

Website: tadomhillresorts.com/

Tanah Aina Fahad in Raub, Pahang

Tanah Aina Fahad is located next to the magnificent Lata Jarum waterfalls in Ulu Dong, Raub. It offers tents of several sizes, some of which can house as many as 10 people.

Tents come with comfortable beds and furnishings, guest toiletries and buffet meals. There are also activities like guided jungle trekking, outdoor games and pools, giant board games, and jungle paintball, to keep you entertained.

Website: www.tanahaina.com/fahad/


Glass Box at Sekeping Serendah Retreat. Photo: Sekeping Serendah Retreat

Sekeping Serendah Retreat in Serendah, Selangor

Nestled within the tropical rainforest, close to a bubbling brook, is Sekeping Serendah Retreat. The first thing that you will notice is how transparent or open the 10 sheds are, as if to let in the beauty of the natural environment.

There are glass sheds, timber sheds, warehouses, mud sheds, and glass boxes, all said to be “glorified tents” and intentionally kept open and basic to bring guests closer to nature. Bedrooms come with beds and mosquito nets, and there are also ceiling fans.

Cooking and barbecue facilities are also provided. Guests can either prepare their own meals or have meals prepared by the caretaker. There are also outdoor showers and swimming pools.

Website: www.sekeping.com/serendah/

Tiarasa Escapes is made up of 20 tented villas and five rooftop villas.

Tiarasa Escapes is made up of 20 tented villas and five rooftop villas.

Tiarasa Escapes in Janda Baik, Pahang

This new resort offers a luxurious escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can stay in one of the safari tents or treetop villas by the river. The tents come fully equipped with a private bathroom.

And, if you can’t do without the Internet, this is one glamping facility that offers free WiFi!

Website: tiarasaescapes.com/