My wife and I had recently gone on a cruise to Alaska in the United States. That was the very first cruise we had ever taken and we loved it. Our enjoyable and pleasant experiences prompt me to recommend going on a cruise to fellow seniors the next time they plan their holidays.

No luggage hassle

Clear instructions are given to holidaymakers prior to the trip, either online or through travel agents. Before embarking, a uniformed porter will take care of all your luggage for you so there’s no need to carry them on to the ship yourself. Your luggage will then be delivered to your cabin well before you check into your room.

Personal space

A cruise ship is huge so not only do you have your own cabin to enjoy, there are numerous areas on board that you can explore too, provided they are accessible to passengers.

Washrooms abound

Some seniors may have medical conditions that require them to go to the washroom more often. This may pose a problem when you are on a ground tour, but not so much on a cruise ship as there are washrooms on every passenger deck.

Excursions at leisure

Shore-time is usually one (or sometimes, two) full day at the ship’s port-of-call. There are many interesting and exciting shore excursions to chose from, and you can do them at your own pace. If you’re feeling tired, you could easily return to the ship earlier than the rest. This is another plus point for cruises – you are free to engage or disengage from any activity at your own free will.

Variety of food

No one can ever get hungry while on a cruise – a good variety of food is available all day long. You can also opt for proper sit-down dinners with waiters catering to your needs. There are different menus to choose from at every three-course dinner.

Many other facilities

On board our ship were theatre halls, an open-air cinema, a library, photo gallery, card room, casino, Sudoku corner, gyms and spas, pools and sports courts, as well as duty-free shopping galleries. Seniors can join in any of these activities and just have tons of fun.