A new video to promote the official tourism app of Saga Prefecture is creating serious wanderlust among travellers to visit the scenic destination in Japan.

Titled Finding Hidden Gems in SAGA, Japan, the five-minute long production follows YouTuber Micaela Braithwaite as she explores Saga’s beautiful scenery, delicious food and hot springs with the Doganshitato? app.

In the Saga dialect, “Doganshitato?” means “May I help you?”. The Doganshitato? project’s concept is for all Saga residents to interact with tourists and make them feel welcome.

The mobile app lists helpful info for travellers in Saga, such as sightseeing spots, accommodations and restaurants. It is also available in six languages: Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese (simplified and traditional) and Thai.

There are more than 1,000 pieces of information registered on the tourism app.

Saga Prefecture, which faces out onto two unique bodies of water – Genkai Sea and Ariake Sea – has plenty of amazing sightseeing spots such as its scenic coastline and Japan’s biggest tideland.

Some of the places featured in the promotional video include the hot springs of Ureshino city, historical Uchiyama area and the famous ceramic town Arita.