Bland hotel uniforms are a thing of the past, or at least it is for the staff of SO Sofitel Hua Hin in Thailand. The property recently showcased its line of Asava-designed uniforms.

Notable Thai fashion designer and Asava founder Polpat Asavaprapha drew inspiration from Hua Hin – a popular Thai beach getaway since the 1970s – to create the 20-piece uniform collection.

“What was important in the design of the SO Sofitel Hua Hin uniform was that it had to be stylish and at the same time feature elements of fun and playfulness, and most importantly, be comfortable and casual,” says Polpat, whose Asava brand is renowned for reinterpreting classic styles for the modern woman.

 Thai fashion designer Polpat Asavaprapha

Illustrious Thai fashion designer Polpat Asavaprapha is the man behind the designs of the uniform collection.

For the SO Sofitel Hua Hin uniforms, the couturier combines floral elements with stripes and bright colours. The idea, according to the designer, is to reminisce Hua Hin’s 1970s floral fashion.

“By combining contrasting designs one can create playfulness that is classy, timeless and elegant,” says Polpat, who prior to creating his own brand worked for names such as Marc Jacobs, Isaac Mizrahi and Max Mara.

Polpat, whose creativity can be seen in urban artworks around the hotel, also referenced the property brand’s French heritage and reinterpreted it with Thai characteristics.

The sailor silhouette with the cropped jacket is a homage to Coco Chanel’s design, to which he added Thai floral patterns to give a touch of multiculturalism and contemporary flair.

The uniform collection is designed with male and female variants according to staff ranks and responsibilities.