It’s a question you’ve probably asked yourself at least once – and probably a lot more – while waiting for your luggage in the arrivals area: Why is it that my bags are always last?

Airport operators say they can’t answer that specific question, but they can explain how luggage gets handled.

The bottom line is that the passenger has no, or very little, influence on the order in which luggage is loaded or unloaded.

Frankfurt, Germany airport operator Fraport says there is a system to how luggage is stored and then taken off planes, and there are procedures that the airlines themselves set up.

It’s quite possible, for example, that your luggage will be sorted according to its status, and may appear sooner if it’s tagged as First Class, Business Class or priority-handling.

But then your travel route and connecting flights at the destination airport can also influence how an airline loads and unloads luggage.

Even something as simple as the type of airplane can play a role in where your suitcase ends up.

Unfortunately, there’s no blanket assurance about which piece of luggage is the first to arrive on the conveyor belt.

Even if an airline ordains that First-Class luggage should be first off the plane, Frankfurt’s operator says in the end, the order in which luggage emerges from the hold of a plane depends on a number of factors. – dpa

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