For a good, free workout, take the stairs

The lifts in our office have been under repair for almost a year. For some of my colleagues, especially the fashionistas with high heels, it’s a test of patience to wait for the working ones; for the rest, we have no choice but to resort to using the stairs. It’s a “forced” way to get … Read more

AI In Cryptocurrency Trading: What You Need To Know In 2023

Cryptocurrency marketplaces have recently seen a tremendous transition, statistically and concerning widespread acceptance. Cryptocurrency trades have been a popular topic among investors. Value prediction, as in other financial networks, is one of the most challenging aspects of cryptocurrency trading. As a result, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) as a prediction mechanism has lately arisen … Read more

Is It Ok To Wear Gym Leggings Every Day?

Ladies, whether you have just hit the gym and had a phenomenal work out season, or you are working from home and want to wear something soothing and comfortable, nothing comes close to a nice pair of leggings. They are soft, stretchy and fit snugly, making you look and feel amazing. And there is a … Read more