6 Ways You Can Thicken Your Eyelashes Naturally?

Long, shiny lashes are considered a sign of beauty and glamor. To achieve that WOW effect of seductive look – today we use various sophisticated mascaras or even artificial eyelashes. However, artificial eyelashes are just like the name says – artificial. And true beauty is always natural, so here are 5 ways to thicken your … Read more

A Natural and Glowing Look: Elsa Pataky

Just like when you see her online Pataky looks equally, if not more astonishing when you meet her in person. She brings such an effortless confidence to her shootings. Already defined as a mother and the actress, back in 2019 she added a new achievement to her list: health and wellness book, Strong: How to … Read more

Rules To Follow To Get That French Look

French women are considered as the most beautiful women in the world. Why is that so? What is it about the French women? It is very difficult to get to the answer to the question. We can just say it is what it is. They are simple beautiful. Everything they wear looks beautiful and adorable. … Read more