Top 15 Best Glossier Products – For Beautiful Make Up

Glossier is beloved by all! And that is for good reason. The seven-year-old brand founded by Emily Weiss has a knack for minimalism and the “less makeup is better” look. Currently a true indie beauty powerhouse it is one the brightest success stories in recent times. From their naming scheme to the pink packaging, it … Read more

How To Use The M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

The M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid Foundation is an amazing foundation first and foremost. If you have come by it and didn’t get it, you were wrong! With a 24 hours lasting formula and a brad spectrum SPF 15 face protection, it should be in your purse. This foundation just feels different and it feels like … Read more

How To Draw Freckles The Easy Way

There is something just so cute about freckles. The natural beauty spots are something that some people are blessed with, but even if you don’t have them, why not draw them on. They are an super easy way to express your personality and make yourself a tad bit cuter. The trend is actually a few … Read more

African Beauty Brands Are Getting Better And Better

African beauty brands are rocking it. Their all natural lines from raw ingredients and domestic plants are something out of this world. Exotic and refreshing, we think that the future of make up is in the motherland of humans. Collecting ancient knowledge passed down by generations that includes exotic plants and combinations, the market is … Read more

How to Find Your Foundation For Asian Skin

It is not easy to choose the right foundation. It’s obvious that everyone wants a foundation that blends seamlessly and looks natural. This can be difficult, as everyone has different skin types and undertones. Foundations are not meant to be one-size fits all. Every person reacts differently to different brands and formulations. Choose The Right Undertone All foundations … Read more