Applying makeup is not always easy or smooth sailing for everyone.

In most makeup tutorials the person doing the makeup usually nails the steps in one go and miraculously transforms herself into a prettier version of herself.

It’s these tutorial videos that “intimidate” people into thinking it’s really easy when it’s not always the case.

When Tanya Hennessy – a radio announcer, actor, producer and comedian based in Sydney, Australia – posted her Everyday Make-Up Tutorial on Facebook she got 6.7 million views.

Not only was she hilarious, she managed to connect with everyone who has struggled with putting on makeup perfectly or dealing with pushy beauty sales personnel.

Hennessy, with her hair messily tied up in a ponytail, started by saying, “I use a makeup primer that a lady sold me against my will. She was really attractive and I was intimidated by her so I bought it.”

And, she admitted that she’s applying her primer with a brush that she has had since 2002 and has never washed it!

She bought a primer product and said, “After I’ve done priming, I don’t know exactly what it is and what it does but it’s very expensive so I continue to use it.”

On contouring she applied the product and said she uses it to give the illusion that she has one chin.

Hennessy ended her tutorial with the mandatory “after” poses in makeup tutorials and she captioned it with the perfect warning!