The shelf life of skincare products varies widely depending on the ingredients they use.

“Just like other cosmetic products, beauty oils are marked either with a best-before date or information on how long the shelf life is after opening,” says Birgit Huber from a trade association for the skincare product industry.

In most cases beauty oils will last much longer than the manufacturer indicates. However, if the product’s appearance or odour changes it should no longer be used.

The best way to make sure your skincare oils stay usable as long as possible is by storing them in a bathroom cupboard or some other dry place where it is protected from moisture. “Avoid any area that’s exposed to direct sunlight, high temperatures or moisture over a long period of time,” explains Huber.

The main ingredients used in skincare products are non-drying plant oils such as almond as well as vitamin-rich oils like avocado and seed oils, according to Huber. Additional ingredients can include oil extracts of St. John’s wort, Camilla as well as ethereal oils, all which have varying shelf lives. – dpa