An Israeli footwear designer by the name of Kobi Levi has been creating hilariously fun (and usually over-the-top) shoes.

Levi takes inspiration from the unlikeliest of things like banana peel, cats and even, a kinky sex act!

“My world is that of everyday glamour, the glamour that goes unnoticed, which I show in an extravagant and fun way,” the 41-year-old designer says in an interview with AFP.

Among his quirkier shoes are a pair of black-and-white sneakers with an 11cm heel that resemble chewing gum. “I see someone stepping in chewing gum on the way to work and getting annoyed about it,” he tells AFP. “So I make shoes with a high heel shaped like stuck chewing gum.”

Before you think of getting your hands on a pair of Levi’s handmade creation, however, do note that the shoes are priced between US$800 (RM2,400) and US$3,000 (RM12,000). The pair with chewing gum heels in particular was sold for close to RM9,000 to actress Whoopi Goldberg, who wore them on the day US President Barack Obama appeared on her show The View in 2012.


Whoopi Goldberg and Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas both own a pair of this Chewing Gum shoes.

Other stars who have bought Levi’s shoes include singers Lady Gaga (of course!) and Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas.

Levi’s success story began when he received an email in 2011, requesting that he made a pair for Lady Gaga to wear in an upcoming video. “I was super surprised because at the time I had no studio, just a small blog with photos. I was making the shoes my size because nobody wore them and showing them to friends and then putting them in boxes,” he reveals to AFP.

You can see the shoes in the beginning of the extended version of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way music video.

Levi’s hopes that another superstar will pick up his designs, especially since he already has a pair of shoes dedicated to her; “Blonde Ambition” is a pair of gold heels with a mini microphone and a blonde wig.

“It would be great to see Madonna wearing them herself,” he says in the AFP interview.

Source: AFP

Israeli shoe designer Kobi Levi with one of his shoe creations called Miao.

Israeli shoe designer Kobi Levi with one of his shoe creations called Miao.


The Banana shoe.