When it comes to fashion inspiration, there is no place like Paris. With its rich history, beautiful architecture and cultural diversity, the city proves to be a favourite for designers to base their creations on.

Just consider the new Duck x Bowerhaus scarves. Born out of a creative collaboration between the Malaysian brands, they pay tribute to 18th-century Parisian palace-turned-hotel, Le Meurice.

As narrated by Duck’s fictional character and brand persona, D, Le Meurice is seen as absolutely magical. The utter opulence and grandeur of its space and atmosphere is nothing if not decadent.

“I walked familiar streets and passed landmark sites from the Notre Dame to the Louvre, but nothing could have prepared me as I stepped into Le Meurice and was transported to another dimension and time.”

Pretty colours contrast nicely against strong and bold gold tones.

Pretty colours contrast nicely against strong and bold gold tones.

“Surrounded by 18th century grandeur, I was lost in its intricate and ornate interiors! It was absolutely surreal and truly the stuff of dreams. I returned to Malaysia and couldn’t wait to share my experience of the place with Shentel and Elizabeth.”

D was, of course, talking about the sisters behind the Bowerhouse brand. Taking cue from the light drenched rooms of Le Meurice in Paris, the two brands then designed a range of scarves in pastel hues and a white colour palette.

“As a designer, I wanted to capture the intricate detail of Le Meurice’s architecture, and so we did a lot of research on French interiors of the time and knew we had to include golden laurels and pearls in our design,” said Shentel.

Elizabeth added, “We also wanted our two brands to come together seamlessly. It is beautiful how we were able to incorporate the two signatures of our brand in this chic and elegant manner.”

Offered in colours of pink, jade and grey, the Duck x Bowerhaus scarves are said to be a dedication to all women, and a reminder for everyone to always dream, love, appreciate and seize the moment.

Available at Duck’s newly opened boutique at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, as well as online through fashionvalet.com.