While Aidilfitri is considered to be a celebration of joy, forgiveness and togetherness, it also calls for you to put on your best outfit, enjoy good food and visit loved ones. Well, stay comfortable through it all in these designs from AnaAbu.

From fabric choices of cotton and linen to the practicality of the cuts, each piece makes it easy for a person to mix and match outfits.

The basic colours used further offer versatility when it comes to different occasions.

“Eid is the day to feel comfortable in our new outfits, without compromising style, uniqueness and exclusivity. These are the criteria that we considered during the designing process,” reads the brand’s press release.

AnaAbu Eid 2016 features loose and practical designs. Aside from injecting modern aesthetic into the baju Melayu, kurung and kebarung, the label has also added convertible outerwear, skants, wide leg pants and ankle pants into the collection.


Designs straddle the line between being traditional yet modern.

The #AnaAbuEmbroideryProject saw 17 Malaysians contributing their creativity to the collection, as well. From students to single mothers and cancer survivors, these individuals provided embroideries as a form of finishing touches to the designs.

Founded in 2010, AnaAbu is described as providing a fusion of reinvented classics and moderate minimalism. The designer behind it apparently favours a mixture of modern vintage and modest minimalism.

Visit anaabu.co for more information.