Simplicity and minimalism is the look reflected throughout local jewellery brand The Straits Finery.

Specialising in fine jewellery, the brand launched the Luna Collection which takes inspiration from the moon and nature’s most basic shape, the circle.

The pieces which are made from precious metals of 14-karat gold and sterling silver are refined and wearable.

For the Luna collection, there are nine stacking ring designs, two delicate necklaces and three pairs of earrings.

The Straits Finery founders Foo Chia Chern and Amira Yahaya observed that today’s women have an appreciation for fine everyday jewellery that is versatile yet timeless.

It was at that point that the idea of modern classic fine jewellery began to take shape and the duo sought to create fine jewellery that is able to take the wearer across occasions, from work to play, without being ostentatious.

“Amira and I are avid fans of keeping things simple; which is the business mantra and design inspiration for the brand. Each design is pared down to its bare minimum, creating deceptively basic shapes that still make a statement,”said Foo.

The Luna necklace in 14 karat gold.

The Luna necklace in 14 karat gold.

“Because we also believe that every woman should have the freedom to style jewellery to their own unique aesthetic, every piece in the The Straits Finery collection is handcrafted to stack perfectly with each other – to have stacking rings that actually stack. The same principal rings true for the necklaces and earrings in our collection as well,” added Amira.

Due to the delicate nature of the jewellery, the brand turned to 14-karat solid gold as its metal of choice for its durability, functionality and integrity.

Its yellow gold hue is subtle and brings out the best on all skin tones. It also matches perfectly with its second metal offering, sterling silver.

Having no prior experience in the jewellery industry, the founders see themselves as entrepreneurs in function and designers at heart.

Foo, a former marketer, now heads the design aspects of the brand while Amira heads the business aspects and is also a consumer insights consultant.

Involving themselves in every aspect of the business, they occasionally switch roles and even get involved in polishing each piece of jewellery. This is the basis of the brand culture – everything is authentic, with a personal touch every step of the way.

The Straits Finery is available online at and at I Love Snackfood in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.