What does a luxurious five-star resort ensconced in age-old lime hills have to do with a skincare brand that’s big on goodness from the sea?

Well, for starters, both focus on a healthy lifestyle to help you get more out of life.

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat in Ipoh, Perak, beyond being just another holiday destination, is also a wellness retreat which offers bespoke holistic experiences designed to help restore well-being, peace of mind and relaxation.

As such, it was the perfect setting to launch Biotherm’s new brand approach towards leading a fit active lifestyle and harnessing the life power of water for healthy, natural skins.

Well-known for its thermal plankton (hence the name), an ingredient found in all its products, Biotherm started out as a small French brand before it was acquired by L’Oreal in 1970.

For the longest time, the mention of the brand would bring to mind one of its bestsellers, the Aquasource hydrating gel which touts to give “500 hours of hydration in a jar”.

As it continues to bank on the life forces from the sea and amplifying their benefits through the use of technology, Biotherm has introduced its latest game-changer, the new Life Plankton Mask.

For the first time, Life Plankton, a fermented (patented) ingredient, is infused at its highest concentration ever in an integral recovery treatment. This is in the form of a breakthrough gel that acts as an invisible sheet mask to deliver healing and restoration to the skin.

“Overnight, redness and tightness are soothed, and skin bounce is recreated,” said Chan Ai Lin, Biotherm’s assistant product manager.

She added that the mask would in time bring about a visible healthy radiance to the skin, as it slowly helps the skin towards self-renewal, thanks to the regenerative power of the Fermogenesis contained in the formula.

“Biotherm has developed the first ever ‘wrapping hydrogel mask’; the fresh hydro-gel consistency gives a wrapping sensation to the skin so that it feels ‘cocooned’ and protected. However, skin is still able to breathe as the melting texture cools down the skin and delivers the recovery power of Life Plankton,” said Chan.

For over 20 years, Biotherm’s laboratories have worked on mastering a unique biotechnological process to capture life plankton at the peak of its regeneration. This is where you get Fermogenesis through a gentle biotechnological process that creates a regenerative form of plankton by bio-fermentation. Concentrated at 5%, it is said to be able to soothe symptoms of common skin disorder and, on healthy skin, improve skin quality to make it smoother, bouncier and more luminous.

Candide Swanepoel is the new face of Biotherm.

Candide Swanepoel is the new face of Biotherm.

Chan also shared Biotherm’s new brand story which focuses mainly on a fit, active, healthy lifestyle. South African-born supermodel Candice Swanepoel is the brand’s new ambassador, joining the ranks of past ambassadors such as Leighton Meester and Sasha Pivovarova. She has worked the runway for Givenchy and Alexander Wang, fronted campaigns for Versace and Tom Ford and appeared in Vogue’s American, British, and Italian editions, among others. She’s also collaborated with fashion’s photography elite from Mario Testino to Inez and Vinoodh.

With her active and self-assured femininity, the brand said Swanepoel encapsulates the very definition of the French skincare brand’s “live more, live to the full” beauty philosophy.

Education manager Michelle Tay said that Biotherm has developed a specific gesture of application to optimise the benefits of the mask. It should be spread in a thin layer with long stroking movements, moving from the centre of the face outwards. She suggested that the Biotherm Life Plankton Essence be applied first, to enhance the absorption of the mask. The essence is designed to create a healthy canvas to facilitate the application of subsequent skincare products.

Tay did a short demonstration and later, that evening gave media members a firsthand experience as she applied the mask for them just before they retired for the night.

To bring the healthy, active lifestyle message home, nutritionist Alexandra Prabaharan from PurelyB conducted a workshop on “How to Live a Happy and Energetic Lifestyle” and shared a few healthy recipes while promoting the Biotherm #LIVEMORE lifestyle.