Besides being known as a singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez is admired for her sense of style.

The 46-year-old beauty, who will be making her return as a judge in the final season of American Idol, has recently collaborated with Endless Jewelry.

Created by Danish entrepreneur Jesper Nielsen, Endless Jewelry is born out of the idea to offer fine jewellery at affordable prices (bracelets are priced from RM299 while charms are from RM119).

The Endless Jewelry Boutique opened in Sunway Pyramid, Selangor last month; Malaysia is the first in South-East Asia to open an Endless boutique and the second in Asia after Taiwan.

With Lopez as its brand ambassador and co-designer, Endless is definitely making waves in the jewellery industry. The award-winning J Lo Collection – comprising five bracelet colours and 102 charms – are now available in Malaysia.

Each element of the collection is designed and approved by Lopez and according to her, the collection embraces her edgy style and creative personality.

In an interview transcript exclusive to, Lopez shares her thoughts about being in the bling biz.

Charm bracelets from Endless.

Charm bracelets from Endless.

Why did you agree to this collaboration?

When I was presented the opportunity to work with Endless, based upon Jesper Nielsen’s previous history and knowing the company’s reputation for delivering quality product, their management skills and their relationship with retailers, I felt the combination would be a very successful brand extension.

What are your thoughts on your involvement in Endless?

As an entertainer and as a woman, Endless Jewelry’s concept gives me an opportunity to express myself. In turn, it gives other women an opportunity to express themselves through the charms, which they can mix and match in countless ways. This allows for an endless number of custom designs that are tailored to the individual.

What is your inspiration?

Everyone has their unique sense of style and it is a reflection of their personality. As a designer, I get to bring my own vision to what we’re creating, but the women out there wearing my clothes or jewellery can mix and match to make it unique to them.

That’s what I love about fashion in general. I had dinner recently with a bunch of girlfriends, who I haven’t seen in a while, and I wanted to gift them something special.

I created custom Endless bracelets for each of them to match their styles and personalities. They were a huge hit!

What is the concept behind the J Lo Collection?

I designed my collection to allow women to show off their own style. Fashion is always evolving and I like to “change it up”. The new leather bracelets and charms in my collection offer so many fun ways for women to instantly stand out and be stylish. The collection has already made its mark in the industry. It was awared “Bead and Charm Collection of the Year” in Britain and the new items in the collection have been well received in all markets.

Leather bracelets in red reptile gold.

Leather bracelets in red reptile gold.

Can you share your thoughts on the new designs?

The new products (leather necklace, three-string bracelet and silver bracelet) are an extension of the present collection with a new spin. Each charm is versatile and complements any outfit you choose to wear, and I created them so you can keep it simple or dress it up. The basic idea is to have “endless” options when creating your own combinations, no matter the occasion!

You also added new colours – with a metallic touch?

I like to have variety and plenty of options. The new metallic colours enhance the bold, edgy designs – they’re both tough and feminine at the same time. I always have fun with my fashion and like to mix things up a bit, and I think the entire collection has something that fits any attire or mood. It’s the whole idea behind the way we do designs.

And then you added the silver bracelet. Is this special to you?

When we came up with initial drawings of the design, I thought they were beautiful and I am so proud of the finished product! The infinite loop on the lock is simple yet chic and it has an elegant design that is perfect for the woman on the go.

Can you share your new initiatives with Endless?

We have already come such a long way working with the Endless, and after receiving positive feedback, I look forward to the process of having both our teams work closer especially on the overall direction of designs. I do take pride in all these designs as the co-designer. We have also been discussing on how we can incorporate Endless Jewelry as part of my Las Vegas show, as well as American Idol to bring the brand to the next level.