From comfortwear to statement knits, roll necks, silk shirting and the colour red. The current season’s offerings for men take on an eclectic quality, together with mashups and throwbacks of past trends.

Here’s what you need to look out for when updating your wardrobe for the Autumn/Winter season.

Dress for comfort

It seems that this season is all about looking comfortable. From quilted suits to padded jackets, designers are embracing cosiness. The silhouette is soft yet active, with hints of functionality.

Seeing red

Similarly seen on the women’s runways, red is the colour to go for. Different shades of it appeared again and again – not only in the form of head-to-toe looks, but also as striking accents.

Smooth operator

Silk is the current “it” material when it comes to shirts. While the trend is probably a spin-off from last season’s pajama look, it has taken a turn for the diverse. Just think loose and relaxed day-time staples.

Knit wit

Last year witnessed the emergence of slogan T-shirts as a trend. This time around, it is slogan knitwear. The message is not just strung together in words. Graphic patterns work just as well in making a statement.

Up high

Turtleneck tops are back in a big way. When layered correctly, they afford a sleek look. Slightly oversized or chunky varieties help add a more luxurious feel to the overall outfits as well.