Search vocalist Amy is serious about his foray into the fashion world.

At the recent launch of his men’s label General Products By Amy Search held during the Asian Islamic Fashion Week 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Amy said that he has always wanted to create his own fashion line.

“In my 35 years as a singer, it has been hard to separate fashion from music; it is a big part of my career in entertainment. I have wanted to start my own fashion label for the longest time but I never knew where to begin because I lacked the experience. The creation of General Products By Amy Search is a dream come true for me. The label will produce more pieces soon,” revealed Amy to mStar Online.

General Products By Amy Search

One of the looks from General Products By Amy Search.

General Products By Amy Search is also a production of Norhasniza Hassan or Nourish, who happens to be Amy’s wife and business partner. “My wife was the one who helped realise all the ideas I had for the line. She understood exactly what I wanted and needed for the collection. She was also the one who made sure everything went smoothly at the runway show during this fashion week,” added Amy.

The singer said that he was happy for the chance to show off his collection at the Asian Islamic Fashion Week 2017; he initially thought he wouldn’t qualify because he was still “new” to the business.

“I couldn’t believe it! But I am grateful that we made it because it has always been a dream of mine to do this, said Amy.

It took him two months to prepare for the show, in that time the singer needed to make sure his creations were fresh and that they reflected him with “a little bit of that ‘Amy Search’ feel,” he shared.

Amy concluded that General Products By Amy Search will not just focus on Islamic fashion but will include a variety of looks as well.

Other Malaysian celebrities who showed off their fashion collections at the Asian Islamic Fashion Week 2017 were Mizz Nina (for the brand Sawdaa), Vie Shantie (V Hijrah) and Erma Fatima (Mak Cun Dan Khalif By Erma Fatima). – mStar online/Mohd Al Qayum Azizi

* This article first appeared in the Star Media Group’s Bahasa Malaysia news portal, mStar Online on April 3. You can read the original article here.