If you are anything like most men, you will probably find the idea of shopping for clothes a little disconcerting. Having to spend hours on end in a huge mall, while weaving through crowds in order to go from one store to another, can be a chore.

Here is where Styled Crew comes in. This new Malaysian website offers a personalised service that delivers clothes and accessories right to your doorstep. Not just that, it also gives you access to a stylist, of whom will advice you on the way to look your best.

“Men don’t get up on a Saturday morning and say, ‘Oh, I’m going shopping today.’ We just don’t do that kind of thing. But then again, we still have needs,” states Anan Saminathen, co-founder of Styled Crew.

According to him, it is for that very purpose Styled Crew was created. The e-commerce site (launched in Feb) looks to provide the average guy with a professional helping hand when it comes to issues of fashion and style.

“How it works is that you sign up to the website. You tell us about yourself – body measurements, style preferences, things you like to wear. Our stylist will give you a quick call, then put together stuff in a box to be sent over,” Anan explains.

Subscribing to the service does not mean that you have to commit and pay for all the items in your Styled Crew package though. A person has five days to try them on. Don’t like what you have received? Just return it for no charge.

(From left) Rachel, Anan and Shah from Styled Crew. Photos: The Star/Art Chen

(From left) Rachel, Anan and Shah from Styled Crew.

“All of your items are free if you decide not to keep them. But you do have to pay the RM10 styling fee regardless. However, if you take at least one item in the box, that fee will be absorbed,” points out Shah Besri, the other co-founder of Styled Crew.

Styled Crew currently carries brands not generally found in Malaysia. These include Hymn, Bellfield, Cheap Monday, Gibson London, Native Youth, Brave Soul, Suit Apparel, Another Influence and more.

Prices sit between the mid- to high-range bracket. Shirts from the different brands curated by Styled Crew for instance, range from RM200 to RM500. It may not be cheap, but apparently quality service is what customers can expect.

“We are trying to work with local partners as well. We have talked to Private Stitch and Zoo For People, for example. We want to offer a good mix of both Malaysian and overseas brands in that regard,” Shah adds.

The business model of Styled Crew is described as being way different from other e-commerce sites in Malaysia. The experience of having a personal stylist is what it is trying to sell. This is even more apparent the longer a customer uses Styled Crew.

“From the point you sign up, you’ll be interacting with us. And we’ll slowly understand your needs and what you like. When you already have the box with you, you can choose to call your stylist, to figure out how to match the items,” says Shah.

The stylists from Styled Crew will hand-pick outfits that suits a person best.

The stylists from Styled Crew will hand-pick outfits that suits a person best.

We started with Styled Club, which is a women’s personal styling service. Then we realised that this model is more suitable for men. Men don’t just like trying things at home, it’s also about having an expert opinion to help them dress better,” adds Anan.

As one Styled Crew stylist lets on, not all guys using the service is inexperienced when it comes to fashion. Some of them know their stuff, but still prefer the convenience of having their shopping done for them.

“We do get specific requests. Maybe they’d want to change their style. ‘I want to look more stylish’ is usually what they say. Or maybe they need an outfit for a presentation at work,” says Rachel Dulis.

The senior fashion stylist for Styled Crew then adds: “You’d think men don’t want to talk about fashion things, but maybe they are more shy in a physical store. When we talk to them on the phone, they are very enthusiastic.”

Styled Crew only delivers to the Klang Valley at the moment. Nevetherless, the site plans to expand its services to cover major cities around the country. Other plans include creating an in-house brand, plus add on the offer of a bespoke service for customers.

For more information, visit styledcrew.com.