How important are moisturisers for your skin? When you have skin that looks lifeless, dehydrated, rough and filled with fine lines, it makes one look older and more tired. Aesthetics aside, dehydrated skin is not healthy.

We decided to test two moisturisers for men that claim to offer the most hydration.

L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Hydra Power Water Power Lotion, RM36.85  

I like its texture; enriched with French Mountain Water (how fancy!), it breaks into water upon application. It is also fast-absorbing and non-sticky. It also claims to form an invisible “shield” on the skin to limit adhesion of pollution particles whilst protecting skin’s barrier.

Although one can use this morning and evening, I only use this during the day, as a light hydrating care before applying my sunblock.

Best of all is its affordable pricing. Am definitely going to stick to this, especially on hot, humid days. — William K.C. Kee

Biotherm Homme Aquapower 72H Concentrated Glacial Hydrator, RM168


I love the cool, tingling sensation of the gel on my skin. Yes, as the name suggests, the formulation – although light and non greasy – is very concentrated. Just a small dollop is sufficient to cover the entire facial area.

While the brand claims that this product can last up to 72 hours, I really wouldn’t know as I didn’t go that long before repeating my usual skincare routine.

This moisturiser even helped me survive a 14-hour flight to London and back – with not so much the usual dryness to my skin caused by cabin pressure. — Bervin Cheong

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