(From left) Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein, Burberry Prorsum.

(From left) Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein, Burberry Prorsum.

Sometimes you get a clear overall idea of how designers want men to dress. The last season for example saw a definitive relaxed vibe of casual silhouettes and whimsical patterns being welcomed into the wardrobes of men.

This time around it is probably more to do with the eclectic beauty of fashion. From animal prints and colourful patchwork to lush fur and prominent greys, the key looks speak of being an unrestrained mix.

Here are the new trends in menswear.

Fur and animal prints dominate

Real men have hair? They do indeed. From long to short and in different patterns or colours, fur has made its mark on the runways. You could say that this isn’t something extraordinary – but bear in mind, the material is usually reserved for ladies.

(From left) Dunhill, Paul Smith, Emporio Armani.

(From left) Dunhill, Paul Smith, Emporio Armani.

Dunhill went the traditional route with a large, extremely comfortable-looking classic piece. Paul Smith however, managed to amp up the cool factor with a coat that combined different coloured furs.

If you are worried about pulling off the look in our weather, follow Emporio Armani’s cue. The label presented a shorthaired urban design that is more biker jacket than anything else. Just do away with the excess scarves.

Another trend borrowing from the women’s runways is animal prints. The use of it made for a bolder and fiercer reappearance as a current take for gent’s fashion this season.

Some designers made use of a specific era to springboard their inspiration. Just consider Hedi Slimane’s creations for Saint Laurent. The use of leopard print in a super slim blazer paired with stick-thin trousers denoted rock ‘n’ roll daring.

While Calvin Klein played it down with a slightly more sophisticated look, Burberry Prorsum went all out. Only guys daring enough would be brave enough to match two leopard prints in the same outfit.

Grey is good while patchwork is awesome

Although probably not amounting to 50 shades of it (who’s counting?), there was enough of the colour to make it a trend. Not just hints and splashes of it too. It was full on grey for most ensembles.

(From left) Lanvin, Z Zegna, Dolce & Gabbana.

(From left) Lanvin, Z Zegna, Dolce & Gabbana.

You have Lanvin presenting a layered look with jacket, pants and tunic, plus boots, all in grey. Z Zegna took it a notch darker but still elegantly sombre. The tonal velvet and corduroy suit looked opulent yet not over the top.

True to Dolce & Gabbana’s aesthetic, the designer duo sent out beautifully tailored creations that wowed. A jacket dressed up with florals again? Why not? The use of grey made it wholly appropriate for the season.

Patchwork is now not just for quilts anymore. When it comes to fashion, it confers a comfortable and fun feel. The laidback vibe is certainly something that anyone can embrace.

L-R: Salvatore Ferragamo, Giorgio Armani, Comme des Garcon. -- Salvatore Ferrgamo, Giorgio Armani, Comme des Garcon

(From left) Salvatore Ferragamo, Giorgio Armani, Comme des Garcon.

On one end of the spectrum you have Salvatore Ferragamo. Using streamlined squares of colour, the double-breasted trench coat by the label had a sense of raffish chic to it.

Others like Giorgio Armani stayed traditional by piecing together pieces of fabric in a nonchalant manner. Comme des Garcons even managed to pull off a boho look with mismatched patches.

Up-sizing your clothes

Everything seems to have been made bigger for Autumn/Winter 2015. Overcoats are longer and slouchier. Jackets, extraordinarily large. In general, not much is worn tight anymore.

Phillip Lim trimmed down his outerwear but still maintained the easy, almost larger-than-life silhouette. The urbane feel to them largely had to do with the lack of bulkiness to the sinuous forms.

Kenzo played with the idea too, using a tent-like cape to provide drama for its utilitarian creations. Even Gucci sent out an oversize parka on the runway for added effect.

(From left) Phillip Lim, Kenzo, Gucci.

(From left) Phillip Lim, Kenzo, Gucci.