It can be argued what that classic quote about seagulls, trawlers and sardine is all about, but what’s undeniable is, Eric Cantona is a champ.

The talismanic No. 7 for Manchester United 20 years ago still oozes all the charm of a prize fighter, and in tow with that winning mentality is the eye-wateringly gorgeous timepiece on his wrist, Swiss fare, but of course.

King Eric was down in Kuala Lumpur recently for the unveiling of the stunning Hautlence range of watches. The watch-maker’s first chronograph, Invictus Morphos, is his very own handiwork.

“An elegant watch for an elegant man,” said brand ambassador Cantona at the launch soiree, half self-deprecatingly, half sincerely. Not a man of many words, but certainly choice ones.

The Invictus Morphus is Hautlence’s first chronograph.

The Invictus Morphus is Hautlence’s first chronograph.

“I really love watches, but never knew what went into their making. With this, we wanted to design something nice with an idea behind it, and it has turned out to be a piece of art,” he added.

For Cantona, the watch, with its blue butterfly face theme, is the very embodiment of the word ephemeral, symbolising freedom, a carefree existence and a zest for life.

Since its foundation in 2004 in Neuchatel, Switzerland, Hautlence has been dedicated to bringing a new dynamic into the art of watch-making, thus gaining the recognition of watch collectors and connoisseurs the world over.

Hautlence is carried by Cortina Watch boutique in Suria KLCC.

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