In conjunction with the birthstone of April, Habib celebrates its Diamond Festival with the theme “Nature’s Gift”. The campaign also focuses on meeting the needs of women who want to buy jewellery for themselves.

The brand believes that just like a diamond, an empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description. It is the same for diamonds, where their clarity, dazzle and prestige are unmatched.

“Diamonds are still about adornment, but when it comes to empowerment, women today are making decisions about how to put themselves out there in the world,” states managing director of Habib, Datuk Sri Meer Habib.

“They are hardworking, opinionated and very decisive on what they want. Diamonds to a woman can be something magical too, as it can lift her spirits and self-confidence.”


Datuk Sri Meer Habib says that diamonds are like women, powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description. Photo: The Star/Kamarul Ariffin

According to Meer, diamonds are products that still carry authenticity. He believes these precious stones are the ultimate gift from Mother Earth – as they are very rare and beautiful.

“Natural diamonds are created over a period of one to three billion years, at least miles below the earth’s mantle under natural conditions of very high pressure and high temperature.”

He notes that a natural diamond is more durable than any other substance. As of that, it is indeed an ideal choice to be set in jewellery for everyday wear.

“For example, an engagement ring will be worn every day in most cases and buying a natural diamond will be a better choice. Diamonds have survived billions of years and are the most durable stone a woman could wear on her finger,” says Meer.

Habib is introducing two collections this year. Inspired by the Russian ballet, the glamorous Swan Lake collection captures the fluid movements of ballerinas as well as the graceful silhouette of swans.

With intricate designs of bracelets, rings and pendants made out of rose gold and white gold, glistening diamonds are meticulously placed on each of the jewellery to attain maximum reflection of the product.

My First Habib collection comprises a range of alphabetical rose gold pendants from the letter A to Z, adorned with diamonds. It targets the younger crowd, in line with Habib’s new #MyFirstHabib social media campaign.

Meer’s advice for those purchasing their first diamond jewellery? He says that a person has to always get certification to authenticate and guarantee the quality and value of each purchase.

“It is important to know what exactly you are looking for. At Habib our diamonds are authentically sourced from all over the world. All our diamonds are certified by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) too.”

This year’s Diamond Festival offers special promotions, including up to 70% off on diamond and gemstone jewellery and RM8 off per gramme for 916 and 999 gold. Customers will also receive a free gift for every purchase of RM2,000 and above in a single receipt.