Modestwear is now beyond borders and global fashion brands from luxury to high-street are all embracing the look. Local label Hanya however, is aiming to expand beyond the definition of modest fashion.

According to founder Tan Veen Dee, modesty is all about having freedom. She says the fashion it is tied to should be experimental – like how a woman can purchase a sleeveless top and wear it in the right manner.

“Modest dressers can be equally as stylish or even more stylish with the right styling. A red sleeveless top? No problem, pair it with a turtle neck or a denim jacket and off you go,” she explains.

Hanya offers options for everyone to dress modestly, but with clothing that you would not necessarily deem as modest. These include trendy separates that look modern and cool.


Designs that feature a neutral palette, pleats and tulle.

“I have been working in the modest industry for almost a decade now, and I know there is a hidden gap that is yet to be filled,” Tan states, on why she decided to start her own label.

“I wanted to show modest women – with and without hijab – that they can too be fashionable. I want them to be able to dress like the fashion icons they follow on Instagram by making the pieces accessible.”

Hanya means “only” in Malay. The label stands for exclusivity, individuality and oneness. It also focuses in positioning the right product at the right price point for all women.

“Modest dressing to me consists of clothing with a longer hemlines, loose fitting yet fashionable that goes beyond religion. I think it is the effort of styling and layering,” Tan explains.

Her latest collection, Seek Light, features a neutral palette, pleats and tulle. It is set in the 1950s era with the models sporting perfectly wavy hair, sharp eyeliner and a polished style.

This is Hanya’s second release. The label (with designs priced between RM149 to RM229) was first introduced in 2018, coinciding with the then Aidilfitri celebrations.