By Shobana Raja

Sephora has recently launched a campaign called “Beauty ReWritten”. It seeks to spark conversation around preconceived notions of beauty, breaking barriers and redefining what success means to women.

The main aim is to celebrate the diversity of beauty beyond what meets the eye and also to demonstrate that beauty should be celebrated beyond face value and to meet archaic beauty standards.

To make this campaign more effective, eight women of different ages, race and cultural background are featured, including two amazing ladies from Malaysia – Nadira Yussof and Sandhya Manoj.

Nadira is a dynamic and determined woman with six different businesses and a mother of six children. Meanwhile, Sandhya Manoj is an accomplished yoga master and Odissi dancer and a mother of two.

“I am honoured to be part of a campaign that empowers women to embrace their own definition of beauty,” said Nadira. “Beauty to me, is my strength. For being able to stand up for myself and to be where I am today.”

“I find that when I identify myself to my job or my motherhood, people have such a compartmentalised definition of me,” said Sandhya. “People do not see me as who I am internally which is much more important. And that’s what beauty is to me. Everything that shows as external beauty is a portrayal of a beauty within.”

The other six women are from the countries such as Thailand, Singapore and Australia.