Suits these days are anything but boring. From standout colours to adventurous fabrics, they offer a little something extra when it comes to upping a gentleman’s sartorial game.

Where they were once thought of as old and traditional, modern designs – as in those offered by fashion houses – denote a rakish and natty attitude. Think of them as streetwise suits if you must.

Here’s a roundup of the trends as seen on runways.

Loud And Proud

Art deco, floral and sequined prints make for jackets that are the focus of any outfit. Feeling a little more daring? Then look to statement embroidery to dress up a well-cut suit.

Relaxed Cool

While a suit should fit well, it is no longer entirely fashionable for it to be too trim – or worse, tight. Loose forms are seen as the way to go, with more designers embracing the casual look of stylish nonchalance.

Textured Feel

The use of texture helps in adding appeal to tailored pieces too. Mesh or ribbed fabrics are a little less conventional but has been making an appearance on runways at major fashion weeks.

Perfectly Mismatched

The “broken suit”, where one mixes and matches a jacket and pants, is now a prevailing trend. Choose two different tones of the same colour or go for a total contrast in shades to stand out visually.

Street Chic

Sneakers and a suit? Totally acceptable. It is now a lot less Ellen DeGeneres and more Kanye West to dress down the accessories worn with a suit. So feel free to break out some cool kicks, T-shirts or shorts for a tailored look.